"I'm told I either look bigger than I do on television or that I look smaller than I look on television. No one seems to think I look the same size."
    -Ichiro Tacoma News Tribune 2001

September 03, 2015

2015 StandingsWL%tWtL?
Human Unanimity4883630.57301-
Charles 2013 Post-Season Auction Champion
2014 Best Game Predictor, by Points
2014 Co-Best Game Predictor, by %
2014 Best Upset Predictor
2014 Post-Season Auction Champion
Joseph 2014 Co-Best Game Predictor, by %
2014 Playoff Prediction Champion
Kerry 2012 Post-Season Auction Champion
2013 Best Game Predictor, by Points
2013 Best Game Predictor, by %
2013 Best Upset Predictor
2014 Best Post-Season Predictor


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Charles: I see we're all still riding the last train to Yuma. Go D'Backs!
Joseph: But thanks for the advice - I was going to pick COL for one of those, just to shake it up, then I did it your way to scrape out an 8-8. Tough day.
Kerry: I was right! And then I proceeded to go 5-9 for the rest of the field.
Kerry: I went for a Diamondbacks sweep, which seems unlikely because they're on the road. I'm sure a lot of runs will be scored in any case.
Joseph: Those ARI-COL games are all coin flips. So annoying. I pick ARI most of the time because of the mighty Goldschmidt.
Charles: The epic Colorado-Arizona war continues. Millions huddle next to the wireless, eager for updates from the front, their warriors batting-helmet-deep in pitched combat to be the National League's pride of the American Southwest.
Charles: Yeah, and upsets have been rare the last few days.
Joseph: Did y'all see that SP50 went 11-0 yesterday?
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TeamPred.BetRunsProbable Starters
Detroit Tigers
(61-71 0.448 EWP)
29.9% log in to bet0Matt Boyd -63
Kansas City Royals
(81-51 0.527 EWP)
70.1% log in to bet0Edinson Volquez +25
8:10PM ET
Status: Pre-Game
Updated: 2015-09-03 17:40EDT

Box Score
TeamPred.BetRunsProbable Starters
San Francisco Giants
(69-64 0.522 EWP)
50.4% log in to bet0Ryan Vogelsong -22
Colorado Rockies
(54-78 0.422 EWP)
49.6% log in to bet0Chris Rusin -25
8:40PM ET
Status: Preview
Updated: 2015-09-03 19:20EDT

This prediction was generated from incomplete information and may be revised before gametime.
TeamPred.BetRunsProbable Starters
Los Angeles Dodgers
(75-57 0.674 EWP)
53.0% log in to bet0Mat Latos -15
San Diego Padres
(64-69 0.572 EWP)
47.0% log in to bet0Colin Rea -70
10:10PM ET
Status: Preview
Updated: 2015-09-03 19:20EDT

This prediction was generated from incomplete information and may be revised before gametime.
TeamPred.BetRunsCurrent At-Bat
Atlanta Braves
(54-79 0.381 EWP)
36.6% 0P:Matt Wisler -39
Washington Nationals
(67-65 0.625 EWP)
63.4% 2H:Yunel Escobar +6
Inning: Bottom 1
Outs: 2 Count: 0-1
Runner on first
Expected Runs: 0.215

Box Score
Clint Robinson singles on a line drive to center fielder Cameron Maybin. Bryce Harper scores. Ryan Zimmerman scores.
TeamPred.BetRunsCurrent At-Bat
Pittsburgh Pirates
(79-52 0.569 EWP)
46.0% 0H:Gregory Polanco +7
Milwaukee Brewers
(57-75 0.444 EWP)
54.0% 0P:Taylor Jungmann +31
Inning: Top 1
Outs: 0 Count: 0-0
Bases empty
Expected Runs: 0.502

Box Score
Chicago White Sox
(62-70 0.479 EWP)
42.9% 6W:Jeff Samardzija -2
Minnesota Twins
(69-64 0.496 EWP)
57.1% 4L:Casey Fien +5
Status: Final
Box Score